Invest in Farmers, Not Celebrities.

Invest in Triangle Canna; one of California’s Largest Cannabis Farms

An opportunity to buy IPO stock in a company with 62 acres of state-licensed cannabis canopy in Northern California*

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Acre Farm


Acres of Cannabis Canopy
Lbs High-Grade Flower Output Forecasted in 2022

A venture rooted in cannabis expertise

Triangle marries green matter’s expertise growing and scaling cannabis operations with halo’s capital markets acumen to elevate triangle into the top class of California’s cannabis growers from its very first harvest.

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Triangle Canna image
Triangle Canna image

Green Matter Highlights:

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Manages one of the largest licensed cannabis canopy in the US today.
Triangle Canna image
Operates 34,000 sq.ft. processing, manufacturing and distribution facility with 172,000 cu.ft. of cold storage in Sacramento, CA.
Triangle Canna image
5 active cannabis cultivations managed in 2021 (excluding Triangle).
Triangle Canna image
Drying, trimming, harvesting, packaging, distribution and extraction.
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Same founders as Humboldt Standard, who also have ownership in premium cannabis company, Connected International.

Halo Collective Highlights:

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A multi-country operator with current operations in the United States, Africa and the UK, and pending operations in Canada.
Triangle Canna image
Believed to be one of the largest seller of cannabis products to dispensaries in the state of Oregon.
Triangle Canna image
Owner of cannabis brand Hush in California.
Triangle Canna image
Owner and operator of an up to 200-hectare cultivation in Lesotho, Africa. Once fully built out, believed to be one of the largest licensed marijuana cultivation sites in the world.
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A fully licensed distributor of medicinal cannabis products in the UK.
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Invest in Farmers,
Not Celebrities.

Triangle Canna is Founded and Operated by Humboldt County Farmers


$0.75 Cents Per Share


Minimum Investment


Class A Shares Minimum Investment

Triangle consists of an experienced team hailing from both agricultural and corporate environments.


Jed Morris

CEO & Director

Experience: Founder & Executive Chairman of Green Matter, Cofounder of Humboldt Standard

Humboldt Standard Instagram

James Dirkmaat

COO, Secretary & Director

Experience: Board Member & Chief Business Officer of Green Matter, Founder of Summit Business Consulting

Ryan Kunkel

Ryan Kunkel


Experience: Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Have a Heart, Halo's Chairman of the Board, Kunkel quickly expanded the Have a Heart brand to 13 operational stores in six different states with a total of 26 winning applications.


Josiah Spohn

CAO & Director

Experience: Cofounder & President of Green Matter, Cofounder of Humboldt Standard


Kiran Sidhu


Experience: CEO and Director of Halo Collective Inc., Former CFO of On Stage Entertainment, Chairman, CEO & Founder of Transact Network, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets M&A, and Strategic Consultant with PwC


Jake Perry

CFO (Interim)

Experience: CFO Green Matter, Formerly Controller of Connected International, Controller of Red Hawk Casino


Katie Field


Experience: President of Halo Collective Inc., Formerly EVP Corporate Development at MariMed Advisors Inc., Consultant with Bain & Company, office of Public Liaison at The White House, Manager at the Brookings Institution

With Green Matter’s extensive cultivation experience at scale and Halo Collective’s capital markets expertise, Triangle is positioned to be one of the leading pure-play cultivation companies in the United States.

Why California?

California is the largest state-legal market with unparalleled long-term potential for low-cost cannabis cultivation and a large captive consumer base.

By the numbers:

  • $5.6 billion in legal cannabis sales.
  • 6.7 million cannabis consumers.
  • 62.4 Acres of licensed canopy.*

* Triangle’s Subsidiary, Bar X Farms, LLC

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Triangle Operates one of the Largest Licensed Cannabis Cultivations in America. Join Our Family.

Our growing team is made up of the same key individuals who successfully launched Humboldt Standard Nursery and Green Matter, some of Northern California’s most respected cannabis farmers operating in the space today.

Our farmers excel at growing outdoor cannabis – producing large-scale harvests of high-grade flower at a competitive cost per pound. Triangle’s values are rooted in producing the best quality product possible, and supporting our team members, buyers, vendors, and shareholders as members of the Triangle family.

“I am investing in Triangle Canna because of the experienced team and the economies of scale that only a single-site mega-grow like this can achieve. It has one of the largest licensed canopies in California - all on one farm - and the team has deep roots and a successful track record in the cannabis industry. If you believe low-cost operators will win the cultivation race, no company is better positioned for rapid growth and long-term dominance than Triangle Canna.”

Benjamin H.Triangle Investor

The Time is Right.

Triangle Canna has executed off-take contracts selling 50% of our 2022 harvest pre-sold prior to planting via off-take contracts priced at cost plus 100%.

We have assembled an experienced team and secured one of the most enviable farm sites in the state. Triangle Canna has also completed the arduous state licensing processes to pave the way for one of the largest pure-play cannabis cultivation companies in America.

The time is right for Triangle Canna and our investors.

Invest Now

Share in our Nest Stage of Growth.

Triangle Canna will buildout of up to 62 acres of outdoor cannabis canopy, and design and develop up to 17 acres of greenhouses to diversify our product suite.

We will then take the steps necessary to list Triangle Canna on a North American securities market to enable further access to capital and offer liquidity to our investors.

Triangle Offering Circular

Investor Presentation

“Triangle Canna is poised to stake its claim as one of America’s top pure-play cannabis cultivators. We have an outstanding site with perfect growing conditions, a veteran team with diverse expertise, and will be one of the best capitalized operators in the industry. I mean, it’s an absolute trifecta for cannabis.”

Jed MorrisCEO & Founder

Why Regulation A+

Triangle is financing its operation through a Regulation A+ offering, because it enables us to offer this early-stage investment opportunity to everyone in the general public – not just institutions and the ultra-wealthy.

This financing method allows us to save costly investment banking fees and return that value back into the company. This increasingly popular method of financing has seen recent successes in a number of cannabis companies.

Triangle expects to raise up to $75M via its RegA+ offering beginning in Q4 of 2021, and is targeting a listing on a notable North American stock market in Q2 of 2022.

Invest Now

Don't miss out on adding legal cannabis to your portfolio.

Legal cannabis is a great addition to any investment portfolio, so if this is your first cannabis investment or if you are a seasoned cannabis investor; you are in the right place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send money for my investment?

We make this very easy for you. You can choose to send a Wire Transfer, ACH, or personal check. You can also invest via Credit Card or via a retirement account.

What is the minimum I need to invest?

To participate in this opportunity, you will need to invest a minimum of $750.00 USD, which purchases 1,000 Class A shares.

When are you planning on going public?

Our intention is to seek a listing on a North American stock market once we have closed the Regulation A+ offering. This will offer liquidity to our investors and access to capital to continue to build and grow our operations. As the company evolves, we will determine the best path to give the highest possible returns for our investors.

What is the last day to invest with Triangle?

We can accept investments in the Regulation A+ offering until we have raised $75 million, or elect to close the offering.

There are a variety of reasons why we may choose to close the offering prior to raising the full $75 million.

Timing is everything when it comes to financing, so if we’re able to raise enough capital to fund our desired operations and create value in the company, we may choose to close our offering early.

Therefore, we suggest that if you are interested in investing, you do so early to ensure your investment at today’s early-stage pricing.

What are the funds being used for?

Funds will be used to support our operations as we build out up to 62 acres of licensed cultivation canopy. For a more detailed breakdown of use of proceeds, we encourage you to review our Form 1-A prospectus filing.

How will I keep updated on the performance of my investment?

Investors will receive updates on at least a quarterly basis. These updates will be done through our investor relations platform and you will receive an email outlining each quarter’s performance.

Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest in this offering?

As a Regulation A+ Offering, you do not need to be an Accredited Investor. However, if you are not an Accredited Investor, you will only be able to invest 10% of your annual income or total available funds.

What are the requirements to be an accredited investor?

To be an accredited investor, a person must either: 1) Have an annual income exceeding $200,000, or $300,000 for joint income, for the last two years, with the expectation of earning the same or higher income in the current year. 2) A net worth of at least one million US dollars, excluding that individual’s primary residence.

If I invest now, can I invest more in the future?

We may or may not have an additional offering at some point in the future. This will depend on a number of factors. 

Where can I view the stock I’ve purchased?

As an investor, you will be provided access to an investor-only website where you will be able to view your shares, your warrants and other related documents and materials.

How often will there be informational updates from the company?

We aim to make an investment in Triangle with both a great investment opportunity and also a great journey in which our investors can learn about the cannabis cultivation business. Therefore, we aim to have regular updates on our progress and activities. At a minimum, we will provide quarterly financial updates but we aim to have much more regular updates (one to many per month) in the form of webinars, video updates, and email updates.

Legal Disclaimer
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